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The key focus of all services offered by sk | Skills & Digital Consulting is on skills in the digital world, providing services for individuals, small businesses and organisations.

Sara Krenický, Social Entrepreneur and Skills & Digital Consultant

Your Digital Presence

Website Hosting and Maintenance including basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Have an up-to-date, smart and safe website.
Receive regular client-focused reports and individual recommendations.
Make the best of your digital presence. WordPress logo

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WomenTech = Women + Mentorship + Technology;

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  • Workshops, e.g. Manchester GIMP Exchange Day, Personal Information Security, Communication in the Digital World
  • Guides, e.g. Mentoring, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Manchester (UK) and vicinity, Online Collaboration Tools and Techniques


Check out the WomenTech website for more up-to-date information.

Skills Evaluation & Development

  • Talent Scouting Events for Small Businesses
  • Personal Talent Spotting for Individuals

Within Manchester (UK) we offer tailored events to your needs.
More details can be found at sk | Skills Consulting.

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